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NOVAMIX – DOMOCHEMICAL SA is a modern industry with great experience in the production of advanced building materials. The company offers integrated building systems that cover almost any application requirement in the modern construction area.

The main purpose of NOVAMIX is to satisfy the needs of its customers worldwide by providing specialized products. The most important priority for all of us in NOVAMIX, is to produce innovative, reliable and high quality products in order to facilitate all the aspects of a construction project.

The company has a certified quality management system in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001. The European standards are applied by our company both in product labeling and in laboratory production control, where all the raw materials are checked by entering the factory and finished products are tested before leaving the factory.

The compliance with the legislative requirements and the Environmental protection is a part of NOVAMIX Business Strategy, which is consistent with its commitment to adopt and implement ecological practices throughout the company’s operations (production, raw materials management and disposal systems). NOVAMIX is also certified with the international standard ISO 14001.

Furthermore, the constant effort of NOVAMIX for an environmentally friendly and sustainable development is proven by practices such as participating in packaging recycling programs and developing products based on either recycled materials or solvent-free raw materials.

The key product categories of NOVAMIX are:




The production capacity of NOVAMIX is based on the state-of-the-art production unit in Thiva, Greece, equipped with automated lines and a production capacity exceeding 100,000 tn of mortar production annually.

The scientific staff of NOVAMIX is consisted of specialized engineers with great experience in technical applications of building materials in some of the largest projects in Greece and abroad, such as: airports, train stations, large hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, etc., providing their expertise to our customers in order to achieve the optimum solution to problems encountered in construction sector.

NOVAMIX can be proud that selected products of its range are exported to many international destinations, such as Cyprus, Georgia, Lebanon, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Libya, Israel, India, Hong Kong and Panama. Our products bring together all the quality characteristics that make them competitive to international markets.


After the merge of “PIRA LTD” and “EVEA LTD” by Greek immigrants who came in Greece from Egypt, PIRA S.A. was born, with the scope of importing and trading plumbing and sanitary systems. Within a very short time PIRA S.A. had been established as one of the most important companies of this field in Greece.


Creation of “KLIMA-PIRA S.A.”. Apart from trading, the Company is also involved in the production of boilers. Meanwhile the industry of packaged mortars and building materials was, practically, a non-existent market in Greece, however KLIMA PIRA S.A. had started importing small quantities of tile adhesives and grouts, in order to provide high quality products to its customers.


The Company's presence in the building materials industry is strengthened by obtaining the exclusive representation of major manufacturers of building materials and chemicals from European countries. At the same time the Company started the development of sales network with nationwide coverage and organized the first technical seminars addressed to building materials applicators.


In order to be more competitive, the construction of a factory for the production of building materials, is essential. DOMOCHEMICAL SA is created under the distinctive title NOVAMIX. The company begins its production activity with a mortar production line in a small industrial building in Paiania, Attica, Greece. NOVAMIX is one of the first Greek Production Companies that adds CE marking on its packaging and develops relevant production control practices.


In March 2008, a modern and automated production unit began operating in Thiva, Greece. The new (second) unit has a production capacity exceeding 100,000 tons of mortar per year. At this point, the 100% of the products marketed by DOMOCHEMICAL SA are manufactured.


NOVAMIX began its first exports to Cyprus and the Arab states. NOVAMIX is entering the decorative systems of building materials and makes its presence clear.


In a very bad financial environment as a result of the Greek economic crisis, the company invested in an aggregate fractional plant, aiming the vertically integration of the production, reducing with this way the production costs and improving the quality control of raw materials.


Factory expansion in Thiva, Greece, in order to optimize the production of the liquid form products. Construction of a SHOWROOM at the business headquarters in Chalandri, Greece. DOMOCHIMECAL SA - NOVAMIX systematically exports to Cyprus, EU, the Balkan countries, Georgia, Lebanon, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Libya, Israel, India, Hong Kong, Panama and is regularly participating in the most important exhibitions in Greece and abroad.


The company celebrates its 20 years as NOVAMIX. Investments continue with new production lines of mortars, liquid and organic products of high viscosity, as well as with the expansion of existing building facilities. At the same time, the Company’s green shift is implemented, with sustainable development being integrated into its main priorities. The 1st Sustainability Report is published. The Company’s logo turns green and at the same time the green building group of products is created, which improve indoor air quality with very low volatile organic compounds (VOC), with EMICODE® certification, or act as cold coatings with a high TSR index (Total Solar Reflectance), helping to address the Urban Heat Island phenomenon when applied to exterior surfaces. In addition, ECOVADIS is selected as a partner for the assessment of responsible entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management, contributing to the achievement of the Company's sustainable goals and the intensive monitoring of the impact of its activities.


Despite the challenges that have arisen from the current conditions in the raw materials and fuel market, the investment plan does not stop. For the next 2 years, a program of adding mechanical equipment is being implemented to increase the production capacity of the products that participate in thermal insulation systems, the creation of a new production line of mortars that will be added to the existing ones, as well as the addition of storage areas with the construction of a new building facility in Thebes, Greece. NOVAMIX was awarded the Silver Distinction in the EcoVadis evaluation system, for its strategy and performance in sustainability, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility actions, which ranks NOVAMIX among the top 25% of companies in all sectors worldwide, evaluated by EcoVadis for their responsible business practices.