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The S.A. company seated in Chalandri Attica (no. 40 Papanikoli Street), with the corporate name “DOMOCHEMICAL S.A.”, with the distinctive title “NOVAMIX”, within the framework of the fulfilment of its statutory object, it collects, retains and processes its users’ personal information and data, pursuant to everything in force in the national legislation and the European Regulation EU 2016/679.

1. Data Controller:
For any clarification or / and information as to the processing and the protection of the user’s personal information and data, the user may contact directly the Data Controller in the following manner:
Contact Telephone No.: +30 210 6893953
E-mail: [email protected]

2. The personal data being processed by the Company:
The personal data include the personal information that identify a natural person, such as the name, the address, the telephone number, the e-mail address, the date of birth, etc., as well as the information that do not reveal the name, but that may be associated with the user or the device that the user is using, so that they individually identify the specific person. The data, which may identify the user, and which are being processed by the Company, are the following:
• The user’s full name
• Residence address
• E-mail
• Contact telephone number (landline or / and mobile)

As non-personal data is defined the information that may eventually correspond to a person, but which is not sufficient on its own for the identification of such person, the communication in any manner with such person and the tracking of such person. Such information, which are not stored by the Company, are the following:
• The browser type being used by the user
• The date and the time of the submission of each user’s request
• The local time zone
• The language selection
• The reference website
• The device being used
• The user’s IP Address

3. The following constitute legal reasons for the processing of the user’s personal information and data, by virtue of which the Company is proceeding to their processing:
 The imposed by the law compliance with the obligation for the processing of personal information and data,
 Sending to the user informational, promotional and advertising messages and conducting a satisfaction survey of the Company’s customers, for which the user’s consent is required under the legal framework in force and
 The constant improvement of our services being provided

4. The cases where the Company processes the user’s personal data:
Communication: The Company provides to the user the ability to communicate with it, after filling in the relative contact form. In this form the user is requested to fill in the user’s data, from which other are mandatory and marked with an asterisk (*) and other are optional. The mandatory data are the user’s full name, the user’s e-mail address and the user’s message, while the contact telephone number, the residence address, the postal code, the city and the country are optional. The Company keeps and protects the above personal data and it uses them only for its communication with the user. It bears no liability for the inaccuracy or the falsehood of the information provided to the company by the user or the provision of information by a third person non-authorized to this effect.

Sending informational, promotional and advertising messages: The Company enables the user to subscribe to its Newsletter. The personal data provided by the user may be used for informational, promotional and advertising purposes of the Company, as well as for the improvement of its services being provided, by conducting a satisfaction survey of its customers / users, by sending emails and solely following the user’s consent. The user receives the above messages for as long as the user wishes and the user may revoke the user’s consent at any time, by choosing to unsubscribe.

Submission of a curriculum vitae: The Company offers “career opportunities”. The user may submit the user’s curriculum vitae, by filling in the specific form or by attaching a file of the user’s curriculum vitae, which contains the user’s personal data, full name, e-mail, contact telephone number, address, date of birth, education and professional experience. The Company uses this data in order to evaluate the user with respect to filling the working position for which the user is applying and it does not bear any liability for the inaccuracy or the falsehood of the information provided to the company by the user or provided by a third person non-authorized to this effect.

The personal data are being collected with the sole purpose to provide the above services. By filling in the user’s data, the user is providing the user’s consent to the Company to process such data, in order to serve the above services.

5. Use and transmission of the personal data:
The Company processes its users’ personal data exclusively itself, by using appropriate electronic and information technology systems and by entering them in its specially configured data base (electronic or / and handwritten).
The Company may provide and transmit the user’s personal data and information to cooperating companies, remaining however itself liable for the processing of their personal data.
The user’s personal data may be collected by the Company also via the use of electronic means of recording and storage of the user’s personal data, as such user or the user’s principal registered them in the Company’s web page, or as the Company’s employee registered them in its specially configured system (electronic or / and handwritten) or in the system of the companies cooperating with it.

6. Duration of storage of the personal data:
The duration of storage of each user’s personal data differs as the case may be, depending on the user’s relationship with the Company, therefore:
 In the event that the storage of the personal information and data is provided for as mandatory by the law, then these shall remain stored for as long as it is provided for by the law.
 In the case where the processing is performed on the basis of an existing contract, the personal data shall be stored for as long as this is provided for in the contract, in order for this to be fulfilled and for the legal claims of the contracting parties deriving from this to be established.
 In the event of processing of personal data for promotional and advertising purposes, where the user’s consent is required, the personal data shall be kept until the revocation of the user’s consent, which may be realized at any time. The processing acts prior to the revocation remain powerful and legal. The consent’s revocation is addressed to the Company’s Data Controller.

7. The user’s rights as to the user’s personal data:
Right of access: The user has a right to access the data that were collected in order to have cognizance and to verify the legality of the processing. Moreover, the user has the right to be informed on the processing, as well as to have access to the personal data and to pertinent information.

Right of correction: The user has the right, through a supplementary statement to the Data Controller, to correct inaccurate or to supplement incomplete personal data.

Right to erasure (“right to be forgotten”): The user has the right to request the erasure of the personal data, which were collected for processing with the user’s consent, or for reasons of protection of the Company’s legal interests. The above right is subject to restrictions, like indicatively in the case of public interest and mandatory processing provided for by the law.

Right to restriction of processing: The user is entitled to ensure by the Data Controller the restriction of the processing, when:
• the accuracy of the personal data is contested and for as long as it is required until their verification
• the user is opposed to the erasure of the personal data and requests, in its stead, the restriction of their use,
• the personal data are no longer needed for the purposes of the processing, but these data are required by the user for the establishment, the exercise or the support of legal claims,
• the user has objections with respect to the processing, but legal reasons prevail, which regard the Company and allow it to proceed to the processing despite the objections.

Right to object to the processing: The user is entitled to be opposed, at any time, to the processing of the user’s personal data. The Data Controller shall no longer subject the personal data to processing, unless imperative and legal reasons for their processing concur, which take precedence over the interests, the rights and the freedoms of the data subject or the processing is necessary for the establishment, the exercise or the support of legal claims. If the processing regards purposes of direct marketing and preparation of a consumer profile, the user of the personal data is entitled to be opposed at any time to the processing of the personal data regarding the user for the said marketing, including the preparation of a profile, if this is associated with the direct marketing.

Right to portability: The user has the right to receive the user’s personal data in an accessible form and to process them in a commonly used method. Moreover, the right is provided to the user to request from the Company, in the event that this is technically feasible, that the data provided are transmitted to another Data Controller. This right exists for the personal data, the processing of which is conducted by automated means either with the user’s consent or by the performance of a relative contract.

The user, in order to exercise the user’s rights, may contact the Company’s Data Controller.

Right of complaint to the Hellenic Data Protection Authority: The user reserves the right to file a complaint to the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, at the following contact data:
Website: (
Call Center: +30 210 6475600
Fax: +30 210 6475628
E-mail: [email protected] and [email protected]

8. Protection and Security of the Personal Data
The Company shall take all the necessary protection measures, measures of secure processing and storage of its users’ personal data, in order to avoid cases of loss, destruction, unauthorized access, use, modification or disclosure of these, to the extent that this is feasible. However, the Company cannot guarantee that the Company shall not be itself the object of malicious acts against it, indirectly affecting the user.