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The changes occurred over the last years in the design of surface coverings in the building industry, created the need for decorative surface layers which allow us to create uniform surfaces with the minimum possible number of joints. In addition to that, the increase of the renovation market required the development of building materials systems which can be applied directly not only over existing traditional coverings such as ceramic tiles or mosaic floors, but also on wood and even on metal, dry board or glass.

PLANOCOLOR MICROCEMENT is a well-organized system of decorative building materials, in terms of application procedures, but with unlimited possibilities in colour combinations and patterns.

PLANOCOLOR MICROCEMENT systems allow us to create unique surfaces in terms of the architecture that we have chosen to attribute to our area, whether it is a living room, a bathroom, office or kitchen, industrial floor, furniture, external facade.

Moreover, the easy of application and the ability to apply upon existing coverings, such as ceramic tiles, without removing them, allows us to quickly and easily change the look and the shape of our space with low cost and in a short period of time.


  • Small application thickness

The application of PLANOCOLOR MICROCEMENT decorative coatings in a thickness of 3-4 mm on floors and 1-2 mm on walls, combined with the possibility to apply on existing coverings or coatings like ceramic tiles, wood or even demanding substrates such as glass, heating panels, paint and porcelain tabs or sinks, provides a big advantage especially on renovation projects.

  • High tensile and compressive strength with CE Certification

As in all reliable decorative coatings, PLANOCOLOR MICROCEMENT decorative coatings are certified under the appropriate European Norms. PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K & PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM SP, fulfill the requirements of EN 13813 as a CT-C60-F10-A6-B2 high strength coating for floors and walls, staircases and special constructions in interior and exterior areas.

Accordingly, the PLANOCOLOR VENETICO coatings fulfill the requirements of EN 998-1 (application on interior and exterior walls).

All other products, which consist the PLANOCOLOR MICROCEMENT decorative coatings (waterproofing compounds, varnishes, etc.) also hold EN certification.

  • Vast variety of colours and patterns

From very smooth finish on furniture or internal floors to rough anti-slip finish in cottages or external floors, the different types of PLANOCOLOR MICROCEMENT decorative layers allow us to create patterns and shades depending on the requirements of each application.

The standardized colour chart based on RAL colours, allows us to make combination with window frames and in general industrial materials make easier the final choice of the right colour.

In addition to that, the not standardized colour chart includes colour scales out of the “industrial type” RAL scale, involving pastel colours obtained by a mixture of a base colour and white, that provide unlimited possibilities for creating special colours on site from the applicator.

Decorative Coatings 2 - Novamix

  • Variety of varnish coat finishes

According to the desired surface finish, whether it is satin, matt or even extremely glossy, in every case there is the appropriate varnish-water proofer to choose from.

In addition to that, all varnishes for internal area applications are water based or solvent free, making possible to apply them in closed areas with human presence, within 10-24 hours after the application of the PLANOCOLOR MICROCEMENT decorative layer.

  • Easy change of the final colour

Unlike other traditional coverings such as ceramic tiles, natural stones, carpet, wood the change of the colour and aesthetic appearance is easy: sanding of existing varnish and apply a 1-2 mm thin coat of the PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM is enough in order to completely change the colour.

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