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PLANOCOLOR MICROCEMENT is available in a vast variety of colours and patterns. From very smooth finish on furniture or internal floors to a “rough” traditional finish in cottages, the different types of PLANOCOLOR MICROCEMENT coatings create patterns and shades depending on the requirements of each application.

Remark: Due to printing and application procedure (pressing, mixing with colour pigment, different varnishes), the colours and their final appearance presented here and in every catalogue or brochure, should be considered as indicative.

Standardized Colour Chart

The standardized colour chart based on RAL colours, allows us to make combination with window frames and in general industrial materials make easier the final choice of the right colour.

Only colours marked with “SP” are suitable for total water immersion inside swimming pools.

Non Standardized Colour Chart

The non standardized colour chart of PLANOCOLOR MICROCEMENT includes colour scales out of the “industrial type” RAL scale, involving pastel colours obtained by a mixture of a base colour and white, that provide unlimited possibilities for creating special colours on site from the applicator.

The shades presented on the non standardized colour chart are obtained by mixing the “basic” pigment NOVACOLOR DESIGN (i.e. for pastel green 12084 basic pigment is the 0084) with the relevant quantity of signal white 9003 pigment according to the proportions listed for each colour. The prescript proportions refer to a quantity of 7,5kg PREMIUM, 5kg VENETICO & 10kg ANTICO powder.

The specific proportions can be found here.

All pigments of the non standardized colour chart are recommended for internal use and not for total water immersion or inside swimming pools.