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The PLANOCOLOR MICROCEMENT system is designed in such a way as to meet the requirements of both the aesthetic and functionality side. The final finish of the surface varies from mat, semi-gloss and glossy and the texture from smooth to rough depending on the requirements.

The big problem of cracks in floors is solved with PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K & PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM SP, if all specifications are properly observed. A necessary requirement among others, especially in floor applications and in general demanding applications, is that the application thickness must be at least 3 mm, incorporating in their mass fiberglass mesh.

Often, floor application systems are found where the application is made in conjunction with other products such as e.g. tile adhesives or repair mortars with fiberglass integration in their mass and then applying PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K or PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM SP to a smaller thickness and without incorporating fiberglass mesh. Such systems are based on the individual’s practitioner experience and do not meet the requirements of our specifications.

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