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Granulates bonded by using NOVACEM CREATIVE and NOVACEM CREATIVE FLOOR, polymer modified cements, create an ideal uniform topping for floors and walls, providing a pleasant to bare foot texture. This feature, combined with compressive strength that can exceed 50 – 60 MPa, depending on the type of application, make PLANOCOLOR TERRAZZO coatings suitable for demanding applications such as exterior floors, furniture and swimming pools.

In contrary to ordinary coating systems, where a specific overlay design has been pre-selected, PLANOCOLOR TERRAZZO coatings allow us to cast on site smooth (polished/honed terrazzo) or rough (micro-pebble) finish on any type of surface like floors, walls, stairs, countertops, garden pots. The ability to apply the material uniformly on flat or curved surfaces, by ‘embracing’ the substrate, provides unique design possibilities, and an innovative coating system.

The high strength values developed by the hydraulic binders of the PLANOCOLOR TERRAZZO system, in combination with appropriate grinding machines, allow the construction of terrazzo mixed with natural marble , glass or lightweight colored granulates in a variety of shades and sizes. The extended granulate variation in color and size or even larger stone pieces combined with pigments allows us to create unique aesthetic surfaces that radically deviate from the ‘traditional’ terrazzo systems, as known until today.

In contrary to the past years where terrazzo and pebble floors had a minimum thickness of 50 mm, the PLANOCOLOR TERRAZZO system allows us to create coatings 5 – 20 mm thick. The application of micro-pebble or terrazzo coatings is a 24-72 hours process depending on the type of application. This feature, in combination with the low thickness of the coating is critical for both renovations and areas that need to be available for public use in a short time.

Remark: Due to printing and application procedure, the colors and their final appearance presented here and in every catalogue or brochure, should be considered as indicative.

Color Chart for Pools

Color Chart for Micro-Pebble

Color Chart for Terrazzo