Expanded polystyrene panels for external thermal insulation

Expanded polystyrene panels suitable for use on external thermal insulation systems. The bonding is done by using NOVABOND PS FLEX or NOVABOND PS FIBER applying also adequate mechanical fixing. Available also in 2 cm thick panels for application in small areas in order to avoid thermal bridges.


  • NOVATHERM EPS expanded polystyrene boards are:
    • characterized by:
      • high thermal insulation properties
      • strict dimensional tolerances
      • flatness and rectangularity
      • high water vapor permeability
      • stability of physical and mechanical characteristics
    • suitable for placements on several substrates such as:
      • concrete and cement mortars
      • non-absorbent substrates (appropriate primer is recommended)
      • masonry coatings and mortars
      • cement boards and gypsum boards (with suitable primer)
  • Thermal conductivity EPS 80 W λ= 0.036. λ= W/( m•K).
  • Panel dimensions: 100 cm x 60 cm.

Substrate preparation:

Cementitious substrates must be solid, free of cracks and free of dust, salts, grease and any other materials that could reduce the adhesion of the adhesive mortar eg. NOVABOND PS FLEX or NOVABOND PS FIBER to them. Existing cracks in the substrate must be repaired with EPO FLUID injection epoxy resin. For additional information refer to the Technical Data Sheets of the relevant products.

Application method:

Prior to the installation of the NOVATHERM EPS panels, the high sealing zone must be created with the SC 200 PENETRATE, two-component cementitious waterproofing mortar and the starting profile must be installed.

The installation of NOVATHERM EPS always starts from a corner, at the bottom of the building. The thermal insulation boards are always placed crosswise, as in the brickwork, to avoid the creation of vertical joints. During installation the plates are pressed firmly on the substrate to achieve good adhesion. Excess glue should be removed from the side of the plate, so as not to create thermal bridges.

It is recommended to regularly check the flatness of the substrate as well as the verticality of the level panels. Upon completion of the installation and once the adhesive has dried (approximately 24 hours), the plates are milled to install the mechanical support plugs.


Do not apply:

  • at substrate and ambient temperatures below + 5° C and above + 35° C
    • on loose or substrates that have not matured sufficiently
  • on non-absorbent substrates without proper preparation
  • on existing substrate expansion joints
  • wet or damp panels
  • under direct sunlight and/or strong wind
  • The panels should be stored in a shady area and during their installation there should be a shading net on the scaffolding until the surface of the slabs is covered with mortar & mesh
  • It is recommended that the application be done by a professional user

Legal Notice:

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