Acrylic based decorative plasters in paste form suitable for applications in internal and external areas as well as for thermal facades

Organic decorative coatings in the form of high-performance acrylic paste. Available in white color while upon request, these can be delivered pre colored in the 260 UV resistant NOVAMIX FACADE color chart. Available granulometries: 0,6mm (ACR 60), 0,8mm (ACR 80), 1,0mm (ACR 100), 1,5mm (ACR 150), 2,0mm (ACR 200) and 2,5mm (ACR 250). PLANOCOLOR ACR is applied over the base coat with NOVABOND PS FLEX or NOVABOND PS FIBER. On non-absorbent surfaces, it should be applied upon priming with PLANO BOND or PLANO CONTACT. Part of the External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS), NOVATHERM SYSTEM.

Consumption: Depending on the application
Color: White and colours of NOVAMIX FACADE colour chart
Package: Buckets 25 kg
Pallet: 600 kg


  • PLANOCOLOR ACR ready to use acrylic plaster is used as the finishing coat of rendering works on:
    • expanded and extruded polystyrene boards
    • mineral fiber board glass wool and rock wool boards
    • concrete, cement mortars, mortars and masonry mortars
    • cement boards and gypsum boards
    • metals using a suitable primer
    • old paints with good adhesion
    • to create GRC-faced surfaces by spraying, granulometry 60 or 80 is recommended
  • Form: paste
  • Granulometry:
    • 0,6 mm (PLANOCOLOR ACR 60)
    • 0,8 mm (PLANOCOLOR ACR 80)
    • 1,0 mm (PLANOCOLOR ACR 100)
    • 1,5 mm (PLANOCOLOR ACR 150)
    • 2,0 mm (PLANOCOLOR ACR 200)
    • 2,5 mm (PLANOCOLOR ACR 250)
  • Drying time: touch dry in 4 - 6 hours
  • Application temperature: from +5°C up to +35°C

Substrate preparation:

Cement based substrates must be compact, without cracks, free of dust, salts, grease and any other materials that could reduce adhesion of PLANOCOLOR ACR to them. If the substrate shows poor resistance, it should be consolidated using the special primer NOVADUR W. Smooth surfaces and / or non-absorbent surfaces should be primed using either PLANO BOND or PLANO CONTACT.


Before use, stir the material with an electric mixer at low speed. Stirring should be done with slow circular motions to avoid creating bubbles in the mass of the material. The mixture is applied using a flat metal spatula or rendering machine. Finish the surface in the fresh layer, about 15 to 20 minutes, with a plastic spatula. If containers of different production code are used, mixing together before use is recommended, in order not to cause discolorations.


  • Only apply to a structurally stable and properly prepared substrate
  • Avoid application at high temperatures, strong wind, rain or frost
  • Do not cover existing expansion joints of the substrate
  • Do not add cement, gypsum, lime or other additives that might affect the properties of the mortar
  • Do not apply it to the substrate and ambient temperatures below + 5°C and higher than +35°C
  • For color uniformity ensure that you apply material of the same batch per parts of the facade
  • In case of application from different production batches, mix 2 or more containers in a larger one, so that the final shade is the same and uniform throughout the application surface
  • The final shade may be affected by the substrate, curing conditions and granulometry
  • Protect from rain or frost the first 24 hours
  • Application to be performed by professional user


Buckets, tools, coatings etc. can be cleaned with water as long as the mix is still fresh. Once dried cleaning can be done only by mechanical means.

Legal Notice:

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