Highly deformable tile adhesive and waterproofing mortar

One-component highly deformable tile adhesive that also acts as a waterproofing mortar. It has a bonding performance that in some cases is three times higher than the requirements of the standards of the common tile adhesives. It has an extended open time (> 60 minutes) with application even at high temperatures (+45°C). It is ideal for laying tiles of large and very large dimensions. Also suitable for laying white marble or reconstructed stone (except those based on red or green marble). Suitable for swimming pools, external facades, underfloor heating systems,  tile over tile, even for laying tiles on plywood substrate in external areas (ISO 13007-1:2010 C2TE S2 P2). For waterproofing in one step the application must be done with a notched trowel No 12 on a flat surface. For swimming pools, heavy tiles or waterproofing and bonding in two steps, a layer of 2 mm thickness precedes and after 6 hours the bonding of the tile follows. Due to its special composition, it provides a reduced consumption by 20% compared to the usual tile adhesives, thus achieving a reduction in transportation and labor costs.

Consumption: 1,0 kg/m²/mm of thickness
Color: White
Package: Paper bags 20 kg
Pallet: 1200 kg


  • Highly deformable tile adhesive and waterproofing mortar MARMOFLEX S2 is suitable for:
    • tiling and sealing in:
      • external areas, swimming pools, balconies, etc.
      • internal areas, wet areas like shower rooms and WC
    • granite, white marble and reconstructed stones sensitive to moisture
    • laying all types of tiles, marble and natural stones even sensitive to moisture:
      • in areas with heavy traffic such as offices, shopping malls, etc.
      • in underfloor heating applications
      • under particularly difficult application conditions such as increased ambient temperatures
      • in almost all types of substrates
  • Form: Powder
  • Pot life: > 6 hours
  • Open time: > 60 minutes
  • Corrections time: ≈ 60 minutes
  • Walkability: after 6 hours
  • Grouting: after 12 hours
  • Application temperature: from +5°C up to +45°C

Substrate preparation:

The substrate has to be compact, clean, free of grease, oil, laitance and any substances which may compromise the adhesion of MARMOFLEX S2. Concrete substrates should be prepared appropriately mechanically in example by grinding or sanding to achieve a uniform flat and open porosity surface without protruding points.

Existing ceramic, gres porcelain tiles, marble and stone coverings on floors and/or walls must be firmly attached to the substrate and free of laitance on their surface which may compromise adhesion. If required clean the coverings with appropriate detergent, depending on the type of dirt, like ALCALINE CLEANER, ACID CLEAN or ACID CLEAN TURBO and rinse with plenty of water.

Preparation of the mix:

Mix the content of the 20kg paper bag containing MARMOFLEX S2 (20 kg) with 5.8 – 6.2 L of clean and fresh water by means of appropriate electrical stirrer at low speed for at least 3-5 min, until a uniform mortar free of lumps is obtained. During hot periods and in general, it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight exposure of the materials (in powder or liquid form) before use, otherwise the working time is reduced. In any case avoid mixing by hand.


A. As tile adhesive:

MARMOFLEX S2 is applied depending on the size of the tile with a notched trowel that will give the right thickness to ensure adequate coverage of the back of the tile. The tiles are placed on the still fresh adhesive bed, by applying firm pressure, to ensure full contact between the tiles and the adhesive.

B. Waterproofing and bonding of the tiles in one step:

A basic prerequisite for this type of application is that the substrate is level without any discontinuities. Apply MARMOFLEX S2 with a notched trowel, with tooth size in dependence on the size of the tile, but at least No 12 and immediately spread in the fresh layer by carefully pressing the tiles in place. In this way, a monolithic and continuous layer of welding and sealing of a total thickness of 4 - 5 mm is achieved.

C. Waterproofing and bonding of the tiles in two steps:

Apply MARMOFLEX S2 with a smooth spatula in a continuous layer, applying enough pressure to the substrate to ensure adequate adhesion. The application thickness should be about 2 mm. After about 6 hours the first layer is walkable and is possible to continue with the application, using a notched trowel, with tooth size in dependence on the size of the tile. The total application thickness should not be less than 4 mm where 2 mm is the sealing layer.

Regardless of the way of application, sealing of critical areas such as corners and edges must precede the sealing-adhesive layer. This is achieved by applying a layer of mortar to a width of 5-10 cm on both the floor and the walls or any other vertical element of the structure and incorporating into the fresh still mortar a suitable gauze or grid.


Grouting can take place 12 hours after the tile application. For large size tiles this waiting time might be prolonged. For grouting joints up to 10mm width it is recommended to use of NOVAGROUT F. For rectified tiles or when the requirement is for very smooth grout surface, NOVACOLOR GLASS can be used. For wide joints of 5 - 20mm NOVAGROUT G. For areas where resistance to strong chemicals is required like in example swimming pools or industrial floors it is recommended to use the epoxy grout NOVAGROUT EPOXY. For additional information refer to the Technical Data Sheets of the relevant products.


Avoid using MARMOFLEX S2:

  • In cases where the substrate and environment temperature is less than +5°C or higher than +45°C
  • On vertical surfaces as well as in swimming pools in one step as a waterproofing mortar and tile adhesive
  • On PVC, asphalt membranes and in general materials which polymerize in the long run
  • On not properly cured substrates
  • Over existing expansion joints
  • Inside swimming pools without tiles

Also note the following:

  • Protect the tiled surface from rain and frost for the first 12 hours
  • Do not add cement, lime, gypsum or other binders or substances which may affect the mortar characteristics
  • Application should be performed by professional skilled workers


Tools, buckets, tiles etc. can be cleaned with fresh and clean water as long as, MARMOFLEX S2 is still fresh. After hardening occurs, cleaning can take place by mechanical means.

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