Two component, solvent based polyurethane varnish

Two-component aliphatic polyurethane varnish with high resistance to sunlight. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications on natural stones and microcement coatings, providing a mat or slightly satin finish. Due to its excellent mechanical strength, it significantly improves abrasion resistance of the treated surface when applied to epoxy paints or floor coatings. It has high adhesion even on metal. It is applied in two layers, diluted with NOVATHINNER PU, depending on the absorbency of the surface. It is recommended to prime the surface with a layer of DRY BRIGHT diluted 1/1 in water. If applied without DRY BRIGHT, pre-check potential color alteration of the final coating.

Consumption: 200-250 ml/m²
Color: Transparent
Package: Containers (0,72+0,28) L, Containers (3,6+1,4) L
Pallet: 288 L, 375 L


  • PLANOFINISH PU 2KS MAT solvent based aliphatic polyurethane varnish with mat finish can be used to protect and enhance surfaces such as:
    • microcement coatings like PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K for outdoor use and floors with heavy use in homes, hotels, parking areas, outdoor benches and built in furniture
    • self-levelling epoxy coatings or floor paints such as epoxy systems PLANOCOLOR LIQUID GLASS in order to increase surface strength in mechanical loads
    • natural stones such as Karystos mostly in external areas
    • concrete industrial floors by means of power float and superficial hardener such as NOVADUR S in industries, parking areas, gas stations, ramps
    • non-absorbent surfaces such as galvanized metal sheets, polyester
  • Form: liquid
  • Working time: 1 hour > 30°C & 2 hours > 25°C & 2,5 hours > 12°C
  • Walkability: 24 hours > 25°C & 36 hours > 12°C
  • Reapplication time: 24 hours for temperature < 23°C & 12 hours for temperature > 30°C
  • Abrassion resistance: 42mg Tabertest ASTM D 4060 (CS 10/1000/1000)
  • Adhesion resistance: ≥ 2,4 N/mm²
  • Application temperature: from +12°C up to +30°C

Substrate preparation:

The surface to which PLANOFINISH PU 2KS MAT is to be applied should be clean, dry and free from dust. The substrate must be insulated and not subject to rising humidity. The maximum permissible moisture content of the substrate must not exceed 4%. The application surface temperature should be between +12°C and 30°C.

Preparation of the mix:

Components A and B are in containers with a predetermined mixing ratio. Component B is completely added to component A. Mixing of the two components is done for about 2 - 3 minutes with an electric mixer at low speed.

Application of the mix:

Apply the mix in 2 at least continuous layers by means of a suitable varnish roller. The number of layers is determined by the type of application. In any case, ensure that the varnish penetrates well in the surface. The waiting time between layers is 24 hours when the temperature is less than + 23°C and 12 hours when the temperature is higher than +30°C.
In micro-cement coatings such as PLANOCOLOR PREMIUM 2K when the application is outdoors, apply a first layer of DRY BRIGHT diluted 1:1 in water and then 2 PLANOFINISH PU 2KS MAT layers. In this way we avoid color alterations in the final surface, since this risk is significantly reduced by the use of DRY BRIGHT. In any case, however, if there are any doubts, it is recommended to perform a trial application. PLANOFINISH PU 2KS MAT can also be applied to increase the surface strength of epoxy coatings such as PLANOCOLOR LIQUID GLASS. In these cases, the product is applied in one layer without interruption. The aesthetic effect is a "mat" surface with increased resistance to wear.


Daily cleaning of surfaces treated with PLANOFINISH PU 2KS MAT is done with neutral cleaners such as NEUTROCLEANER undiluted or diluted in water depending on the application. For special cleaning cases such as black rubber stains, household stains, wax etc. it is recommended to use ALCALINE CLEANER. In cases of salts use HARD REMOVER. For additional information, refer to the relative Technical Data Sheets of the products.


  • Do not apply in surfaces that are not dry
  • Do not apply the varnish on surfaces where rising humidity is possible or present
  • Do not apply when the temperature is lower than +12°C and the relative humidity of the atmosphere exceeds 65%, or when there is a possibility of rain and wet weather, before the varnish is completely dry. In external areas during hot days, provide protection against direct sunlight for the first 7 days of application
  • Do not apply PLANOFINISH PU 2KS MAT upon fresh concrete if at least 4 weeks haven’t passed and without holding humidity measurements
  • Two components of PLANOFINISH PU 2KS MAT are in proportion so never mix partially the two components. In some cases, if necessary, diluting can only be done with a compatible solvent such as NOVATHINNER PU
  • Do not apply PLANOFINISH PU 2KS MAT upon old varnishes and dusty or dirty surfaces. Remove dust and dirt immediately before application. In any case, the surface should be well wiped off and, if necessary, be sanded before application
  • Always use appropriate and clean tools
  • Do not apply PLANOFINISH PU 2KS MAT in swimming pools, instead use PLANOFINISH PU 2KS. For more information refer to the relevant technical data sheet of the product
  • Do not apply PLANOFINISH PU 2KS MAT in excess quantity
  • All measurements and waiting time refer to surface temperature of +23°C and residual humidity of 50%. Variations on the above may after waiting times or application process
  • For daily maintenance or cleaning of surfaces treated with PLANOFINISH PU 2KS MAT, use suitable appropriate cleaners such as ALCALINE CLEANER, NEUTROCLEANER or HARD REMOVER. Avoid using highly acidic products and, in cases of doubt, always test before application
  • PLANOFINISH PU 2KS MAT is a solvent-based varnish recommended mainly for external area applications. In any case however any precautions required by the use of solvent-based materials should be applied
  • It is recommended that the application be made by a professional user.


Buckets, tools, coatings etc. can be cleaned with solvent as long as the mix is still fresh. Once dried cleaning can be done only by mechanical means or strong corrosives.

Legal Notice:

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