Two component and free of solvents epoxy resin in paste form

Two component general purpose epoxy paste used for surface sealing of cracks on concrete. It has very good adhesion on metal and therefore it is suitable for structural bonding of reinforcing rods on horizontal elements. Due to its great slip resistance it can be applied on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Consumption: 1,68 kg/m²/mm
Color: Grey
Package: Buckets (750+250) gr


  • Epoxy repair and anchor paste EPO PASTE is suitable for:
    • as a bonding bridge of fresh concrete to hardened
    • horizontal bonding of reinforcing bars on concrete
    • hepair of cracks in cement mortars, concrete, industrial floors
    • restoration of horizontal and vertical elements
    • as adhesive for FRPs lamellas
    • as bonding adhesive for different kind of materials such as concrete, natural stones, wood, metal, rubber, neoprene etc.
    • fresh substrates
    • non shrinkage
    • the individual components with different colors for better mixing contro
  • Consistency: paste
  • POT life: 25 minutes
  • Contact dry: 3 hours
  • Initial hardening: 6 hours
  • Final hardening: 15 hours
  • Application temperature: +10°C to +35°C

Substrate preparation:

Cementitious substrates must be solid and free of dust, salts, grease and any other materials that could reduce adhesion. If deemed appropriate, the removal is done by mechanical means such as sandblasting, sanding with a wire brush, etc. In case of cracks as well as anchorages, clean the inside of the crack/hole with convincing air. Metal surfaces must be free of any surface oxidation - rust.

Preparation of the mix:

Before mixing the two ingredients, it is necessary to mix each ingredient separately in its respective container. Then the two components are mixed very well together, until a perfectly homogeneous mixture of grey color is created. Avoid air entrapment during mixing. Partial mixing of the two components is not recommended, but if required by the application, the ratio of the two components must be meticulously observed as indicated on the container labels.


As a bonding bridge between old and new concrete, it is applied with a brush, spatula or spraying. Apply the new layer of cementitious coating while the layer of EPO PASTE remains fresh, 1 hour. As an anchor or repair with a spatula or trowel. Fill the preform hole approximately 60% so that a small amount of resin overflows from the hole when the anchor is installed. Make sure there are no air gaps inside the hole.


Do not apply EPO PASTE to:

  • Substrate and ambient temperatures below +10°C and above +35°C
  • Relative atmospheric humidity > 65% nas substrate > 4%
  • Prolonged exposure to acids, bases, solvents, etc. medium and high concentrations
  • Improperly prepared surfaces
  • For sealing expansion joints
  • Improperly prepared surface, especially before gluing sheets
  • It is recommended that the application be done by a professional user and the partial mixing of the two components is the sole responsibility of the user


Tools should be cleaned immediately with the solvent NOVATHINNER PU if EPO PASTE is fresh. Once hardened, cleaning can be done only by mechanical means.

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