High-performance and highly elastic, two-component, waterproofing cement based mortar

Highly elastic, two-component, waterproofing cement based mortar with excellent workability and ease of application. It is applied by roller. Suitable for applications in showers, terraces, swimming pools, water tanks. It develops high resistance to UV radiation and can therefore be exposed in roofs without traffic. Minimum required application thickness 2mm. SC 200 EASY FLEX has the ability to bridge cracks up to 2,5 mm in concrete or cement plasters.

Consumption: 1,7 kg/m²/mm of mortar thickness
Colour: Grey, White
Package: Sets (20+10) kg
Pallet: 1000 kg, 500 kg


  • SC 200 EASY FLEX is suitable for waterproofing and protecting:
    • reinforced concrete in a highly corrosive environment such as bridges and structures near the sea
    • concrete and cement based surfaces such as roof tops, terraces and surfaces exposed to weather conditions
    • masonry that comes into contact with the ground, such as foundations, basements, flower pots, etc.
    • surfaces with existing coverings such as tiles and natural stones
    • swimming pools, balconies, bathrooms, prior to application of tiles
    • bridging cracks up to 2.5 mm
    • masonry materials such as gypsum and cement boards, aerated concrete etc.
  • Form:
    • component Α΄: powder
    • component Β': liquid
  • Application thickness: Total thickness at least 2mm, 1mm per layer
  • POT life: ≈ 60 – 90 minutes /20°C
  • Walkability: after 2 - 5 hours
  • Application temperature: from +8°C up to +35°C

Substrate preparation:

Cement based substrates must be compact, without cracks, free of dust, salts, grease and any other materials that could reduce adhesion of SC 200 EASY FLEX to them. Carbonized and degraded concrete should be removed till we obtain a solid and healthy substrate with a minimum tensile strength of 1,5 N/mm². If required repair by using RUST CONVERTER, NOVAFER and RC 340. Existing cracks on the substrate should be bonded by using the two component epoxy adhesive EPO FLUID. In applications where we have constant water infiltration from exterior (negative pressure) seal all the leakages with the cement based fast setting waterproofing product SC FAST.
Always saturate the substrate with water and remove any excess in order that the substrate will be saturated but the surface will be free of standing water. Existing flooring and / or wall coverings such as ceramic tiles, granite slabs, marbles, mosaics, etc. must be securely attached to the substrate and free of any residues that might affect adhesion. If necessary, clean the surface according to the type of pollutant with ALCALINE CLEANER or ACID CLEAN and rinse with clean water. For additional information, refer to the relative Technical Data Sheets of the products.

Preparation of the mix:

In a clean container pour component B (liquid 10 kg) and then slowly add component A (powder 20 kg) while stirring. Stir by means of an electrical mixer in low rpm (500 rpm) for 3-5 minutes until a perfectly smooth and homogeneous mix free of lumps is obtained. For small quantities mixing can be done also by hand. The mix is ready for use. Under normal conditions the mix should be applied within 60-90 minutes. After this period do not try to mix it again with water. Low temperatures extend the life of the mortar while, on the contrary, high temperatures drastically reduces pot life and workability.

Application of the mix by hand:

Application should be made in two at least layers using a brush, roller or even a spatula upon well prepared surface. The total application thickness must be at least 2 mm. Apply a first layer with a flat brush or roller on the properly prepared surface. For better thickness control, it is recommended to incorporate a suitable alkaline fiberglass mesh such as NOVAMIX FIBERGLASS NET on the first layer of the mortar while it is still fresh and smooth the surface with a metallic trowel.

Application of the mix by spraying:

The very good workability of the mixture allows application with a suitable spraying machine. Application should be made in at least two coats with a total thickness of not less than 2 mm. On surfaces with capillary cracks and / or subjected to high stresses, it is also in this mode of application recommended, that the fiberglass mesh incorporated in the first layer to be covered by the second layer.

In any case the application should cover the entire surface with a uniform thickness. Wait for the hardening of each previous layer before applying the next one. In all critical zones, such as a floor joint with vertical surfaces, the sealing zone must be reinforced by the use of a suitable glass mesh. After application, the SC 200 EASY FLEX should be left to cure in a relatively humid environment. Protect fresh mortar from fast drying.