Two component high strength and flexible cement based mortar that penetrates and seals in depth even capillaries in the concrete’s mass

Two-component, cement-based waterproofing and concrete protection system that penetrates and waterproofs absorbent substrates. Ideal for protection of reinforced concrete in foundations and highly corrosive environment such as bridges and structures near the sea, while increasing the resistance to carbonation. It is also applied as a waterproofing membrane of absorbent substrates such as: cement screeds, cementitious coatings, masonry mortars, cement boards prior to the application of coverings such as marble and stone, microcement coatings of the PLANOCOLOR MICROCEMENT system, PLANOCOLOR TERRAZZO micro-pebble coverings, PLANOCOLOR GRANIT “stone carpet” floors in outdoor floors, showers and swimming pools. Minimum total application thickness: 2mm. On cement boards, corners and for better thickness control, it is recommended to apply with NOVAMIX FIBERGLASS NET incorporation.

Consumption: 1,9 kg/m²/mm of thickness
Color: Grey, White
Package: Sets 25 kg (A) + 7 L (B)
Pallet: 1350 kg (A) + 378 L (B)


  • SC 200 PENETRATE two component cement-based waterproofing mortar is suitable for waterproofing and protecting in:
    • reinforced concrete in a highly corrosive environment such as bridges and structures near the sea while increasing resistance to carbonization
    • concrete and cement-based surfaces such as rooftops, terraces and surfaces exposed to weather conditions
    • masonry that comes into contact with the ground, such as foundations, basements
    • waterproofing zone in external thermal insulation systems ETICS
    • swimming pools, balconies, bathrooms, wet areas and external floorings prior to application of tiles, natural stones as well as the PLANOCOLOR GRANIT, PLANOCOLOR MICROCEMENT and PLANOCOLOR TERRAZZO (micro pebble coatings)
    • masonry coatings and mortars
    • cement and gypsum boards
  • Form:
    • component Α': powder
    • component Β': liquid
  • Application thickness: Total thickness at least 2 mm, 1 mm per layer
  • POT life: ≈ 60 - 90 minutes
  • Application temperature: from +8°C up to +35°C

Substrate preparation:

The application surface must be clean and solid, without cracks, free of dust, laitance, form release agents, oil, paint, and rust. Carbonized and degraded concrete should be removed till a solid and healthy substrate is obtained. If required repairs by using RUST CONVERTER, NOVAFER and RC 340 or RC 440. Existing cracks on the substrate should be bonded using the two-component epoxy adhesive EPO FLUID. In applications where we have constant water infiltration from the exterior (negative pressure) seal all the leakages with the cement based fast setting waterproofing product SC FAST.

Dampen the substrate up to saturation. Avoid standing water or condensed water on the surface prior to the application.

Preparation of the mix:

In a clean container pours component B (liquid 7L) and then slowly add component A (powder 25kg) while stirring. Stir by means of an electrical mixer in low rpm for 3-5 minutes until a perfectly smooth and homogeneous mix free of lumps is obtained. Under normal conditions the mix should be applied within 60-90 minutes. Low temperatures extend the life of the mortar while, on the contrary, high temperatures drastically reduce pot life and workability.

Application of the mix:

Application should be made in two or more layers with a total thickness of at least 2 mm. Apply a first layer with a flat brush or roller on the properly prepared surface. Apply the second coat when the first one has hardened enough. For better thickness control, it is recommended to incorporate a suitable alkaline fiberglass mesh such as NOVAMIX FIBERGLASS NET on the first layer of the mortar while it is still fresh and smooth the surface with a metallic spatula.

In all critical areas, such as a floor joint with walls and vertical construction elements, the sealing zone must be reinforced using a sealing membrane. Apply a layer of SC 200 PENETRATE to a width of 10 cm on both the floor and the walls or any other vertical element of the structure and incorporating into the fresh still mortar a suitable waterproofing membrane. Then the membranes must be covered with a second layer of SC 200 PENETRATE.

In any case the application should overlap the entire surface with a uniform thickness coat. After application, SC 200 PENETRATE should be left to cure in a relatively humid environment. Protect the fresh mortar from rain, frost and fast drying by suitable means.


  • Apply only upon structurally stable and well-prepared substrate
  • Avoid application under direct sunlight or/and strong wind
  • Do not add cement, gypsum, lime or other materials that might affect the properties of the mortar
  • Do not apply upon PVC and bitumen membranes and in general materials which polymerize in the long ran
  • Do not apply in ambient temperatures less than +8°C and higher than +35°C
  • Protect the application surface from rain or frost the first 24 hours
  • Do not apply in swimming pools without covering
  • For incorporating fiberglass mesh the thickness of the first layer must be 1mm
  • Do not exceed the maximum thickness per layer
  • Do not apply in total thickness less than 2 mm
  • Do not wet between the layers
  • It is recommended that the application be made by a professional


Due to the increased adhesion of SC 200 PENETRATE it is recommended to clean tools before the material starts to set. Once the material has dried, cleaning can be done only by mechanical means.

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