General purpose two component epoxy primer, free of solvents or water

Two component epoxy primer. It is free of solvents and it is used for priming joints prior to the application of sealants like NOVACOLOR HNR or PU 500 in external floors, swimming pools, shower cabins and absorbent substrates like wood or concrete. The application of the sealant takes place after 2 – 18 hours after the PRIMER NR 2K application at +23°C.

Consumption: 15 ml / linear meter of joint
Color: Yellowish
Package: Containers 500 ml


  • PRIMER NR 2K can be used as:
    • primer for absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces that are going to be sealed with polyurethane sealants like NOVACOLOR HNR or PU 500 on outdoor floors
    • an anti-slip layer on smooth, non-absorbent surfaces (such as terrazzo, ceramic tiles, staircases) by scattering the fresh layer with quartz sand S 500)
    • primer coat in order to improve the adhesion of epoxy resin PLANOFLOOR EPX on dry concrete
    • primer coat in order to improve the adhesion of epoxy paint PLANOCOAT EPX on non-absorbent substrates
  • Form: liquid
  • POT life: approximately 60 minutes
  • Covering with sealant: after 2 - 20 hours
  • Application temperature: from +10°C up to +30°C

Substrate preparation:

The application surface must be clean, solid and dry, free from any material that may prevent the adhesion of PRIMER NR 2K on then, such as dust, residues of tile adhesive, glues & grouts, loose materials, grease, old paint, rust. These materials must be removed by mechanical means. The application surface must be dry and solid. When applied on a floor, the maximum moisture content of the substrate must not exceed 3% and the substrate must have matured sufficiently. Already used smooth and non-absorbent surfaces, such as terrazzo, ceramic tiles, metal, must be thoroughly cleaned and any grease or loose particles must be removed by using ALCALINE CLEANER or CLEANCOLL.

Preparation of the mix:

Components A and B are packaged in containers with a predetermined mixing ratio. Component B is completely added to Component A. Mixing of the two components is performed by means of an electric mixer at low speed (300 rpm) for about 2-3 minutes. It is important to stir both the walls and bottom of the container so that the hardener is evenly distributed. Allow the mixture to mature for a few minutes and proceed with the application by observing the material's pot life. The mixing ratio is predetermined and the mixing of the two components should not be partly done in any case.

Application of the mix:

Use as an anti-slip layer:

PRIMER NR 2K is applied at a temperature between +10°C to +30°C. Apply a single layer by means of a, brush, flat metal spatula or roller depending on the  type of surface and the anti-slip layer requirement. Then and in any case as long as the mixture is fresh, the surface must receive sand scattering with quartz sand S 500. After hardening of the primer, uncoated granules of quartz sand must be removed with a high absorbency vacuum cleaner. The new anti-slip layer is free to foot traffic usually after 4 to 12 hours depending on the thickness of the layer and the ambient temperature.

Use as a primer before application of sealants:

Apply protective masking tapes between the joints to be sealed. Then by means of a brush apply the mixture in a continuous layer taking care not to stain the coverings. The application of the sealant takes place after 2 - 20 hours after application of PRIMER NR 2K at +23°C. If for any reason the application of the sealant is not made within 24 hours then the procedure must be repeated.