One component solvent based, aliphatic polyurethane binder resin, ready to be mixed with the coloured granulates PLANOCOLOR GRANULATES

One component, solvent based polyurethane binder resin which is mixed with S, MQ, MR natural uncoated, LC lightweight coated in the mass and RC GLASS recycled glass granulates in order to create decorative quartz flooring (‘stone carpet’) of high strength indoors and outdoors. It is used on terraces, external paving in hotels, public areas, balconies, swimming pools, fountains. Suitable also for creating coatings of small thickness over cement based or polyurethane waterproofing systems. For wall applications and skirting, create a suitable bonding bridge by priming the substrate with PLANOEASY GRIP and PLANOCOLOR PU (after apply ‘wet on wet’). For easier application, it is recommended to add PLANOEASY FINISH to the mix. Mixing ratio: PLANOCOLOR PU / PLANOEASY FINISH 10% by weight. Mixing ratio: PLANOCOLOR PU / PLANOEASY GRIP 5% by weight.

Consumption: 0,2 - 1,0 L/m²
Color: Transparent
Package: Containers 1 L, Containers 5 L
Pallet: 288 L, 450 L


  • PLANOCOLOR PU solvent-based polyurethane binder resin can be used in combination with PLANOCOLOR GRANULATES for:
    • outdoor areas such as terraces, porches, surrounding pool areas, staircases, etc.
    • pools, baths, and surfaces with permanent presence of water
    • domestic or business places
    • new or renovated structures
    • special structures, furniture, benches, etc.
  • Form: liquid
  • Chemical substance: Polyurethane
  • Density: 1.0 ± 0.05 kg/L

Substrate preparation:

The surfaces will have to be clean, rid of dust, dirt, oils, grease, rust and generally from particles that can negatively affect the adhesion of the substance. For outdoor applications, the underlay needs to be waterproofed with SC ELASTIC or SC 200 PENETRATE beforehand.

Preparation of the mix:

In a clean container that contains 1L of PLANOCOLOR PU add, while mixing in low speed, 8-10Kg PLANOCOLOR GRANULATES until a uniform paste is achieved. The consistency of the aggregates depends on their granulometry. Aggregates of the same mass with smaller granulometry demand more quantity of PLANOCOLOR PU. In any case, ensure the complete saturation of the aggregates.


The application of the mixture is done with a rounded, metal spatula. Apply the mixture throughout the surface in an even layer, while ensuring that there are no gaps or protrusions. For easier gritting it is advised to add to the mix the special non-stick adjuvant PLANOEASY FINISH at a rate of 10% by weight of the total amount of binder resin.
For applications of the mixture to vertical surfaces a layer of the bonding primer PLANOCOLOR PU/PLANOEASY GRIP needs to be applied beforehand. For more information refer to the technical characteristic sheets of the products.


Do not apply:

  • When the temperatures of the substrate and the environment are lower than +5°C or higher than +35°C
  • When the relative humidity in the application area is higher than 65%
  • When the substrates have a moisture content of more than 4%
  • The permanent submersion in water, for examples in pools or fountains, should be done 7-10 days after the application is complete
  • The application is recommended to be done by a professional user


Tools, buckets can be cleaned with NOVATHINNER PU as long as the mixture is still fresh. After hardening occurs, cleaning can take place by mechanical means.

Legal Notice:

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