Accelerating and plasticizer admixture

Double-action admixture specially designed for producing fluid and fast drying floor levelling mortars. By mixing BAUMENT RAPID FLOW with cement, concrete sand and water in an appropriate ratio, we achieve an almost self-levelling cement mortar that quickly eliminates moisture.

Consumption: Depending on the mixing sand and cement
Colour: Transparent brown
Package: Containers 1 L, Containers 20 L, Containers 5 L
Pallet: 480 L


  • Suitable for creating floor filling mortars that require:
    • ultra-fast drying and rapid expulsion of humidity
    • high mechanical strength
    • better workability
    • increased fluidity of the mix
  • For surfaces that will be covered:
    • in very short period time
    • with coverings sensitive to humidity such as wood, marbles, carpets, microcement screeds, epoxy systems
  • Form: liquid
  • Density: 1,05 ± 0,05 kg/L
  • pH: 6 ± 0,5
  • Application temperature: from +5°C up to +35°C

Add the BAUMENT RAPID FLOW to the mixing water at the predetermined ratio. Slowly and while stirring add the cement to the water and then the aggregates. Alternatively, pre-mix the dry ingredients together and add them in the required amount. Mix with an electric or worksite mixer until you achieve complete homogenization of the mix, desired workability, without lumps.