Fast setting and hardening self-leveling compound for internal and external areas

Fast setting and high strength self levelling compound used for thickness 1 ‒ 7 mm. For application in 8 – 20mm it has to be mixed with 25% of the sand PLANOCOLOR GRANULATES S 20. Ideal substrate for resilient coverings such as pvc tiles, carpet, large size and/or polished floor tiles, as well as for PLANOCOLOR RESIN decorative floors. Suitable for applications in external areas.

Consumption: 1,8 kg/m²/mm of thickness
Colour: Grey
Package: Paper bags 25 kg
Pallet: 1250 kg


  • PLANO 120 S/F is suitable for:
    • levelling substrate irregularities of 1 – 7 mm in:
          • internal and external floors with intense traffic like showrooms, shopping malls, hospitals, public buildings, hospitals, offices, etc.
    • application of resilient and rigid coverings such as:
    • application on substrates such as:
          • concrete and cement screeds
          • non-absorbent substrates by means of appropriate primer
  • Form: powder
  • Workability: 20 - 30 minutes
  • Application thickness: 1 - 7 mm
  • Walkability: after 2 - 3 hours
  • Minimum waiting time prior to covering application: 6 hours
  • Application temperature: from +5°C up to +35°C

Substrate preparation:

Cement based substrates have to be compact, level, clean, free of grease, oil, laitance and any substances which may compromise the adhesion of PLANO 120 S/F. The minimum tensile strength shouldn’t be less than 1,5 N/mm² and the minimum compressive strength at least 25 N/mm². Concrete substrates must be mechanically prepared, for example, by grinding to achieve a uniform surface of open porosity without protruding points. Existing cracks on the substrate should be bonded with the fluid epoxy resin EPO FLUID. On the still fresh EPO FLUID surface, scatter PLANOCOLOR GRANULATES S 500 silica sand or similar in order to create a mineral surface. Existing construction movement joints from the substrate shouldn’t be covered from the levelling mortar.
Absorbent substrates should be primed with PLANOPRIMER in order to increase the adhesion and provide a sealed substrate. Substrate of reduced strength should receive consolidation treatment by means of WATERPRIMER EPX and full coverage with the sand PLANOCOLOR GRANULATES S 500, by scattering on the still wet primer surface.
Existing floor coverings like in example ceramic tiles, gres porcelain, marble, terrazzo, etc. have to be firmly attached on the substrate. They also have to be clean and free of laitance or any substance which will compromise adhesion on them. If required, use for cleaning ALCALINE CLEANER or ACID CLEAN depending on the type of application, and rinse well with water. Prime the clean and dry covering with PLANO CONTACT. For additional information refer to the Technical Data Sheets of the products.

Preparation of the mix:

Mix the content of the 25 kg paper bag PLANO 120 S/F with 3,7 ‒ 3,9 liters of clean and fresh water by means of appropriate electrical stirrer at low speed (300-400 rpm) for at least 3 – 5 min or construction mixer, until a viscous uniform mortar free of lumps is obtained. In case of PLANOCOLOR GRANULATES S 20 sand ADDITION, reduce the quantity of mixing water to 12% of the total mixture.
Do not exceed the maximum recommended quantity of mixing water since this prolongs drying time and reduces the final strength. Let the mix rest for 1-2 minutes until water bubbles disappear and then apply. The mortar has to be used within the next 20 minutes (in a temperature of +20°C). Higher temperatures reduce and lower temperatures increase the working time of the mix.

Application of the mix:

PLANO 120 S/F is applied on the desired thickness with a mortar-laying tool, spatula, squeegee or pressure pump. The use of spike roller is not necessary but recommended. Where a second coat is required, this can be applied in about 3 hours in case of light traffic. If the previous coat is completely dry, priming with PLANOPRIMER is required. The waiting time before the coverings application depends on the application thickness, the ambient conditions and the substrate. The following waiting times refer to laboratory conditions of 23°C and a relative humidity of 50% with a water /powder ratio of 15.5%. In any case, always ensure that residual moisture is lower than that required by the final coating-covering.