Water based-synthetic resin primer, for absorbent substrates prior to the application of self leveling compounds and PLANOCOLOR screeds

Synthetic resin primer that creates uniform absorbency on mineral substrates and improves adhesion of cement based coatings such as PLANOCOLOR MICROCEMENT coatings, concrete repair and cement based self-levelling mortars. It is used diluted also in between the subsequent layers of microcement coatings in order to increase adhesion and ease application. Certified for use in boats, as part of the NOVAMIX MARINE FLOORING SYSTEM.

Consumption: 70-250 ml/m²
Colour: White
Package: Containers 1 L, Containers 20 L, Containers 5 L
Pallet: 480 L


  • PLANOPRIMER water based-synthetic resin primer:
    • is applied:
          • in internal & external areas
          • on absorbent surfaces such as cast concrete, cement based screeds, brickworks, renders, etc.
          • on gypsum and cement boards
    • creates suitable adhesive conditions for:
          • renders, cement based and acrylic dispersion plasters
          • water soluble paints & paints
          • tile adhesives, cement based self-leveling compounds, etc.
          • waterproofing and repairing mortars, etc.
          • microcement screeds of the PLANOCOLOR MICROCEMENT system
  • Form: liquid
  • Density: 1,05 ± 0,05 kg/L
  • Application temperature: from +5°C up to +35°C

Substrate preparation:

The application surface must be solid, clean and free of dust, oils, old coverings and loose parts.


Before applying, shake the container well. Apply evenly one coat using a brush or roller. Depending on the absorbency of the substrate it can be diluted with water up to 1:3. Application of the covering can take place as long as the surface is slightly dump.