Two component water based epoxy primer free of solvents for absorbent substrates that require consolidation

Two component water based epoxy primer for in depth consolidation of absorbent surfaces with reduced superficial strength. It forms barrier to rising humidity of up to 4%. Whilst fresh silica sand like PLANOCOLOR GRANULATES S 500 is scattered on the final coat in order to create adhesive bridge with the subsequent cement based compounds. For PLANOCOLOR RESIN coatings the PLANOCOLOR GRANULATES S 500 scattering, process is not required.

Consumption: 100-150 ml/m²
Package: Containers (2+1) L


WATER PRIMER EPX can be used:

    • as primer for reinforcing concrete substrates and screeds
    • for normal to high absorbent substrates
    • as adhesive primer for smoothing and laying mortars
    • as primer for NOVAMIX decorative coatings and epoxy floors
  • Form: liquid
  • Working time:
    • 1 hour ≈ 30°C
    • 2 hours ≈ 23°C
    • 2,5 hours ≈ 10°C
  • Walkability:
    • 4 hours > 25°C
    • ≈ 8 hours > 12°C
  • Reapplication time: ≈ 30 minutes at 23°C
  • Application temperature: from +15°C up to +30°C

Substrate preparation:

The surface to which WATER PRIMER EPX is to be applied, should be clean, dry and free from dust. The substrate must be insulated and not subject to rising moisture. The maximum permissible moisture content of the surface must not exceed 4%. The application surface temperature (caution not ambient temperature) should be between + 10°C and + 30°C.

Preparation of the mix:

Before mixing, stir component A separately with a low speed electric mixer. Then add component B completely to component A. Mixing of the two components is done for about 2-3 minutes with an electric mixer at low speed (300 rpm). It is important to stir both the walls and the bottom of the container so that the catalyst goes everywhere evenly. Allow the mix to rest for a few minutes. The end of the workability is not recognized by the increase in viscosity, so it is necessary to apply the material within the specified time.

Application of the mix:

Apply the mix in a continuous (non-interruptive) layer using a suitable varnish roller or brush. In any case, ensure that the material penetrates well in the treated surface. If necessary, apply a second coat. The waiting time between layers is approximately 30 minutes for temperature 23°C and relative humidity less than 80%. If it is to follow the application of cementitious products after the adhesive coating has dried, it is considered necessary to spray on the still wet surface quartz sand such as PLANOCOLOR GRANULATES S 500.