Two component cement based mortar

Cement based system consisted of an off-white powder which is mixed with PREMIUM LATEX, water, 62 NOVACOLOR DESIGN pigments, PLANOCOLOR GRANULATES (uncoated marble PLANOCOLOR GRANULATES MR, quartz PLANOCOLOR GRANULATES MQ, silica PLANOCOLOR GRANULATES S, lightweight coated PLANOCOLOR GRANULATES LC or recycled glass granulates PLANOCOLOR GRANULATES RC GLASS), in order to create polished terrazzo coatings of small thickness (6 – 10mm) on indoor and outdoor floors. Coatings that can be obtained exceed 4,000 different combinations through one base material. The mixing ratio of NOVACEM MICRO TERRAZZO and granulates can be (50 – 50)%, (70 – 30)% or (30 – 70)% by weight. The degree of polishing is adjusted according to the application requirements. The grouting during the grinding process is done by applying the NOVACEM MICRO TERRAZZO mix and NOVACOLOR DESIGN without granulates addition. Thanks to this standardization, it is easy to ‘match’ the binder coating colors, even colors like pink, blue or purple, and grouting material.

Consumption: Depending on the application
Color: White
Package: Buckets 8,5 kg
Pallet: 204 kg


  • NOVACEM MICRO TERRAZZO is suitable for:
    • creating floors:
        • terrazzo surfaces of small thickness from 6 10 mm
        • investment of constructions and furniture such as tables, benches, sinks
    • applications on horizontal surfaces such as:
        • outdoors, floors, terraces, verandas, etc.
        • indoors, showers, bathrooms, and areas with humidity
        • heavy traffic areas, airports, hotels, shops
        • underfloor heating
    • installations on several substrates such as:
        • concrete and cement mortars
        • existing coatings such as tiles, marbles, old terrazzo, etc.
        • metal and wood with a suitable primer
  • Form:
    • component Α': powder
    • component Β': liquid
  • Minimum thickness: 2 times the maximum grain size of aggregates
  • POT life: 45 – 60 minutes / 20°C
  • Walkability: 5 - 6 hours
  • Application temperature: from +5°C up to +35°C

Substrate preparation:

Cement based substrates have to be compact, level, clean, free of grease, oil, laitance and any substances which may compromise the adhesion of NOVACEM MICRO TERRAZZO. The minimum flexural strength shouldn’t be less than 1,5 N/mm² and the minimum compressive strength at least 25 N/mm². Existing cracks on the substrate should be bonded with the fluid epoxy resin EPO FLUID. On the still fresh EPO FLUID surface, scatter PLANOCOLOR GRANULATES S 500 silica sand or similar in order to create a mineral surface.
Absorbent substrates should be primed with PLANOPRIMER in order to increase the adhesion and provide a sealed substrate. Substrate of reduced strength should receive consolidation treatment by means of NOVAPRIMER or WATER PRIMER EPX and full coverage with the sand PLANOCOLOR GRANULATES S 500, by scattering on the still wet primer surface.
Existing floor coverings like in example ceramic tiles, gres porcelain, marble, terrazzo etc. have to be firmly attached on the substrate. They also have to be clean and free of laitance or any substance which will compromise adhesion on them. If required, use for cleaning ALCALINE CLEANER or ACID CLEAN TURBO depending on the type of stain, and rinse well with water. Prime the clean and dry covering with PLANO CONTACT FAST. For external area applications, the substrate has to be waterproofed first by using SC ELASTIC, SC ELASTIC EASY or SC 200 PENETRATE. For additional information refer to the Technical Data Sheets of the products.

Preparation of the mix:

In the bucket containing the powder empty the recipients containing the PREMIUM LATEX and the pigments in liquid form NOVACOLOR DESIGN, according to the desired color, of the relevant PLANOCOLOR MICROCEMENT colour chart. According to the required workability for every 1kg of PREMIUM LATEX 1-1,5 L of clean water must be added. Mix by means of electrical stirrer for at least 3 min until you obtain a uniform mix free of lumps. Then, while stirring add the granulates at a rate depending on the aesthetics requirements of the application. The mix has to be used within 45 – 60 minutes after mixing in normal conditions. After this time don’t try to soft the mix by adding water.


The laying of the mortar follows the general rules applicable to low thickness floor coatings. Apply the fluid mixture on the substrate in one layer and of thickness 2 - 3 times the maximum aggregate grain size by using a flat plastic or metal trowel. Then smooth the surface.
Depending on the composition of the mixture and the conditions of the application the grinding process begins after 24 - 48 hours. For the mechanical and abrasive agents always following the manufacturer’s instructions such as suitability, rotational speed, wet or dry processing.
During the grinding procedure exists a possibility that a small bubble developed in the mixture during mixing to be exposed on the surface. Filling of these holes is recommended to be done with the initial grinding at intermediate stage when all embedded aggregates appear uniformly on the surface. After thoroughly cleaning the entire application area from the dust and abrasive residues by rinsing with water and sucking the waste water, smoothing can be done by using NOVACEM MICRO TERRAZZO mix without the aggregates. Alternative, but only for interior application, you can use PLANOFINISH CRYSTAL to fill the micro holes.

Expansion joints:

The expansion joints incorporation depends on the use of the surface and the dimensions of the area. In internal areas every 5 - 7 linear meters and in external areas every 5 linear meters.


  • Apply only on solid and properly primed substrate
  • Do not add water in quantity higher than the recommended and do not add water when the mixture starts to set
  • Do not cover or apply the product over existing expansion joints of the substrate
  • Do not apply the coating on substrates with rising damp or in total water immersion without substrate waterproofing
  • Do not add cement, gypsum, lime or other binders which might influence the properties of the mortar
  • Don’t apply the coating on substrates and/or areas with temperature less than +5°C or higher than +35°C
  • Do not apply directly over anhydrite screeds, metal or flexible substrates with high deformability and intense vibration
  • Do not apply upon deformable substrates, surfaces subjected to vibration
  • Do not apply upon non-absorbent substrates such as metal, glass, old ceramic tiles and mosaics without applying appropriate primer
  • Application must be done by professional applicators


Tools, buckets, tiles etc. can be cleaned with fresh and clean water if, NOVACEM MICRO TERRAZZO is still fresh. After hardening occurs, cleaning can take place only by mechanical means.

Legal Notice:

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