Cement based hydraulic binder for creating low thickness terrazzo coatings

Cement based hydraulic binder enhanced with additives that facilitate application on floors. It is mixed with PLANOCOLOR GRANULATES MQ (quartz), PLANOCOLOR GRANULATES S (silica), PLANOCOLOR GRANULATES MR (marble), PLANOCOLOR GRANULATES LC (light & coated) and/or PLANOCOLOR GRANULATES RC GLASS recycled glass granulates in order to create highly resistant to wear micro-pebble or polished terrazzo coatings. It can also be mixed with pigments such as NOVACOLOR OXIDE, NOVACOLOR CARBON or NOVACOLOR UNIVERSAL. The coating is applied in a thickness of 10 – 20mm on floors depending on the grain size of the used granulates. If there is a requirement for application on vertical surfaces, the addition of  NOVACEM T thixotropic admixture is required. The PLANOCOLOR CRT 052 surface retarder can be used during the laying process, in order to create pebbled surface finish. The granulates used inside the mix reveal after 12 – 48 hours by means of appropriate washing process with water, ACID CLEAN and/or antique brushes For polished terrazzo, grinding is done with a suitable machine after 24 – 48 hours, up to the desired gloss level. Mixing ratio: 25 – 35% by weight of the dry mix.

Consumption: 0,5-0,7 kg/m²/mm of thickness
Package: Paper bags 15 kg
Pallet: 990 kg


  • NOVACEM CREATIVE FLOOR cement-based hydraulic binder can be used:
    • in applications such as:
        • textured, non-slip surfaces with natural optic
        • polished terrazzo surfaces
    • for horizontal applications:
        • exterior areas, landscape design, swimming pools, etc.
        • interior areas, bath rooms and wet areas
        • under floor heating floors
        • in areas with heavy traffic, showrooms, commercial centers, public buildings or offices
        • furniture, tables, offices, benches
    • for placement on various substrates such as:
        • concrete or screeds
        • existing coatings such as tiles, natural stones
        • mortars and masonry mortars
        • cement boards and gypsum boards (with a suitable primer)

Remark: Due to printing and application procedure, the colors and their final appearance presented here and in every catalogue or brochure, should be considered as indicative.

  • Form: Powder
  • Minimum application thickness: 10 mm
  • Chemical substance: Portland cement, special additives
  • Density of the mix: 2,1 ± 0,1 kg/L
  • Dry density of the mix: 2,0 ± 0,1 kg/L
  • Workability: ≈ 60 – 90 min / 20°C
  • Walkability: 2 – 3 hours
  • Application temperature: from +5°C up to +35°C

Substrate preparation:

The application substrate must be solid, clean, free of constant rising humidity, oils, grease, loose parts with minimum tensile strength at least 1,5N/mm². In case of existing cracks on the substrate, these should be repaired with the two-component injective epoxy resin adhesive EPO FLUID. Before applying the NOVACEM CREATIVE FLOOR mortar wet the substrate with water and remove excess water using air or sponge. In wet areas or swimming pool applications it is recommended to waterproof the surface by using SC ELASTIC, SC 200 PENETRATE or SC ELASTIC EASY. Substrates with inadequate mechanical strength must be primed with NOVAPRIMER or WATER PRIMER EPX. For monolithic bonding with the substrate use EPO FLUID or the adhesive primer consisting of 1 part SBR 50, 1 part water and 4 parts NOVACEM CREATIVE FLOOR and apply the mortar fresh to fresh in the adhesive layer. On surfaces with reduced absorbency such as old terrazzo, well-fixed ceramic tiles or marbles, pre-coating with PLANO CONTACT FAST is recommended if they have been properly cleaned.


Add the quantity of water required by the amount of NOVACEM CREATIVE FLOOR powder in a suitable container. Proposed ratios are listed in the tables. Slowly and with stirring add the NOVACEM CREATIVE FLOOR to water and then the granulates. Mix with an electric mixer for at least 3 minutes until you achieve complete homogenization of the mixture without agglomerates. The mixture is ready to use.


Apply the mix with a flat spatula or trowel. Final smoothing can be done by using appropriate finishing tool such as a flat metallic trowel. The application thickness depends on the maximum grain dimension of the aggregates used, where the minimum thickness is 2-3 times the maximum grain size of the aggregates. When thicker coats are required, apply a second coat when the first does not stick to the hand. The mix has a pot life of 1 hour. During hot periods and in general, it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight exposure of the materials before use, otherwise the working time is reduced.

Final surface with textured finish:

After the mortar is leveling and within 30 minutes of application, spray the surface retarder PLANOCOLOR CRT 052. The cleaning of the surface is done by using high pressure water (100 to 180 bar), 12 to 24 hours after application, depending on environmental conditions, but in any case, within 3 days of application. In case of rain during the waiting period it is recommended to remove it without waiting.

Note: If during the removal of the material from the surface the aggregates are dormant, reduce the water pressure or wait a longer period of time.

Finishing surface with polished finish:

If a polished finish is required, a suitable grinding machine must be used. For micro holes occurring during mechanical grinding, either from trapped air or from the removal of aggregates, use as a filler material, depending on the desired effect, one of the NOVACEM MF or PLANOFINISH CRYSTAL products.

In applications under difficult weather conditions, it is recommended 24 - 48 hours after the completion of the cleaning and depending on the type of application to use the mineral hardener/concrete densifier PLANOFINISH CH PLUS or PLANOFINISH CH. In case of floor applications, a protection with PROTECT 200, PROTECT 300 S, PROTECT 900 S or WET PLUS S in dependence of the requirements of the application is recommended. When NOVACEM CREATIVE FLOOR is applied inside swimming pools the application of a varnish or surface protection is not recommended.

Expansion joints:

Incorporating expansion joins depends on the use of the surface, geometry of space and the composition of the mixture. In any case there must not exist distance higher than 5 linear meters without expansion joint in exterior areas and 5 - 7 linear meters in interior. In swimming pool applications, it is recommended to anticipate expansion joints in the entire wall to wall connections of the swimming pool’s structure as well as every 40 – 45 m² of the surface. All expansion joints must be covered with appropriate sealant.


  • Apply in structural stable and well-prepared surface
  • Do not add water or additives once the mix starts to set
  • Do not apply upon existing expansion or movement joints of the substrate
  • Do not mix NOVACEM CREATIVE FLOOR with gypsum, cement, resins, latex, or other binders. Mix only with compatible to cement, aggregates, and water and in any case not with dolomite aggregates
  • Do not apply upon deformable substrates, surfaces subjected to vibration
  • Do not apply upon non-absorbent substrates such as metal, glass, old ceramic tiles and mosaics without applying appropriate primer
  • Permanent water immersion after 7-10 days
  • In general case where specific color is required it is recommended to mix with NOVACOLOR OXIDE or NOVACOLOR UNIVERSAL in appropriate proportions
  • Do not apply when temperature of the substrate and environment is lower than +5°C and higher than +35°C
  • Application must be done by professional applicator


Tools used during the preparation and application can be cleaned with water while NOVACEM CREATIVE FLOOR is still fresh. If hardening occurs, cleaning can be done only by mechanical means.

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